June Contests

big coin

Find as many coin as you can and complete at least 2 surveys in June!

Top 25 winners will get 5.000 bonus points.


May Contests

PH Mum Big

Don’t forget to play our latest game, answer at least 8 questions correctly and win up to 15,000 points!


April Contests

ph easter 2020

We may all be celebrating Easter in isolation this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something fun! #TolunaWins Here are some ways to win and earn bonus points this month:

1. New Game: Easter Egg Catcher
Be top 13 players in each country at the end of the month and win 4,000 points each! Why 13? Because April 13th is Easter Monday

2. Redemption Bonus
40 Influencers per country who redeem the most points between 10th to 30th April will get 10,000 bonus points each! (Toluna Millionaire winners excluded)

3. Easter Egg Guessing Contest
Guess the number of Easter eggs in the jar. The 40 closest guesses (per country) will win 4,000 points each!

We hope you have a happy and safe Easter!

Toluna Team

Thank you for helping us choose our 20th anniversary logo!

A few days ago, we asked all of our global communities to help us choose our special edition logo for Toluna’s 20th anniversary.

Thank you for giving us your valuable opinion! With your insights and our own internal vote, we collectively decided to choose the logo attached to celebrate our 20th birthday with you.
We are planning some amazing initiatives for you coming up very soon, stay in touch to discover them all!

We also would like to thank all the members who designed their own version of the logo, you are a bunch of talented people! We will make sure to hlighlight the best ones in our April magazine.

Keep influencing Your World,
Toluna Team

New logo

#WeAsk | How have Toluna Influencers across the APAC region reacted to the coronavirus

News and policies to contain and fight the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak are changing every day, and have been escalating in the past two weeks in different regions. Governments and citizens of Asian countries have been responding and preparing since early February, and between 21-23 February we surveyed each of our 14 communities in the Asia Pacific region to determine how people in the region have been affected by the outbreak.

As the infection rate has changed in Philippines since this survey was conducted, it’s likely that the results of these surveys are no longer very accurate. However, we thought it would be interesting nonetheless to compare responses across all countries.

If you are interested in seeing the detailed results, we’ve compiled a booklet here: http://e-mag.toluna.com/books/zepm/

Has your opinion and behaviour regarding the outbreak changed, in light of recent events such as travel bans, public gathering bans, self-isolation policies, school closures etc.?

cover APAC


#WeAsk Toluna Philippines CO-VID19 Survey Result

In recent months, Coronavirus has dominated media coverage in various parts of the world. We surveyed 550 Philippines Influencers on 21st to 23rd February 2020 to find out their thought on this topic.

Do you agree with the finding?

Click this booklet below for complete survey results

PH TQS Corona

(Or you can visit this link: http://e-mag.toluna.com/books/ikmm/)

Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly and cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.

Stay healthy and hopefully we will all go through this together!

February Contest: I <3 Toluna

valentines big

Catch as many falling hearts as possible in February and win 5,000 bonus points if you are among 20 players with highest accumulated score!

How to access games page?
– Click “Community” tab -> “Games”
– Copy and paste this link: https://ph.toluna.com/games


Congratulations to all winners! Especially to our top three scrorers:

1. Z4647466 (13,250)
2. Carnifex04 (13,090)
3. SweetBeanツ (10,200)

ID &amp; PH Post (34)

Winners can be found in Feb 2020 Magazine: http://e-mag.toluna.com/books/cwph/

Join us in raising funds for Australia’s bushfire relief effort

Hi Toluna Influencers,

We have been saddened by the devastating bushfires burning throughout Australia in recent months. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected, who face a long road ahead as their homes and communities get rebuilt. We want to send our love and support in any way possible, and the great thing about the Toluna community is that we can join forces across countries and contribute to help those in this crisis.

In the Rewards Centre you will find a donation option for Australian Red Cross, through which you can donate 1,000 or more points – and you can donate as often as you like. Toluna will then double the donation amount, aiming to reach 100K Australian Dollar together.

Every week we will send the total donated amount globally (in Australian dollars) to Australian Red Cross. We’ll keep you updated with an official Red Cross link, so you can keep track of what we’ve donated together.

We also encourage you to spread the word on Toluna by posting about your donation. Be sure to include #TolunaLovesAustralia in the title of your posts, so that we can find them easily.

Thank you for your support and generosity,
Toluna Team

January Contest: Spot the differences!

NY Big
Play our latest game and find as many differences as you can! If you are among the top 10 scorers, we will DOUBLE the points you earned from surveys in January 2020!
What are you waiting for? Go visit our Games page:
– “Community” tab -> “Games”
– Copy this link to your browser: https://ph.toluna.com/games
*Ps: in order to ensure everyone can enjoy the game, please do NOT share the answer of the game
Happy New Year and happy searching!
Toluna Team