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Tips to create good quality content on Toluna

Hello members,

As some of you may know, Toluna gives members bonus point for creating good quality Polls, Topics, Thumbs It, and Battles in the community!

Here are Toluna Team’s tips for creating content that will get rewarded:

  • Always include a visual: Whether you prefer videos or photos, always include a visual when creating on Toluna. Don’t have a photo or video on hand? No problem, simply click on the video camera or camera to use our built in search tool to choose among thousands of good quality images.


content bonus 

  • Check your grammar and spelling: Before posting, take a minute to reread or even spell-check your post!
  • New themes and topics: Did you read an interesting headline this morning? Is there something you have been wondering about this week? Create a Poll, Topic, Thumb It or Battle and discuss it with the community. Toluna is always on the lookout for timely and relevant conversations in the community.
  • Interact with other members: Have other members been voting and commenting on your Topic? Say “thank you” on their wall or respond to them in the comments to keep the conversation going! When it comes to interesting topics in the community, the more members participating… the merrier!

We hope this helps when you are creating your next Poll, Topic, Thumb It, or Battle on the site or on the mobile app! We look forward to seeing what you create in the community.

See you soon on the site,

The Toluna Team

Tutorial – How to create content on Toluna

The Toluna community offers our members a chance to create their own content and get feedback from our millions of members. Our content creation platform allows our members to create Polls, Topics, Thumb Its and Battles by clicking on the content type you would like to create.

You can earn 100, 500 or 1000 points for each piece of content you create.

Once you have mastered how to create content, click here to learn how you can earn points for your creations.

Content GIF

To create content, simply follow one of these 2 steps:

  • Simply click on the createbutton on the top right corner of the page… or
  • On the homepage, click in the “Ask something” section to open the create widget and start creating Ask something

What is the definition of each content type?

A Poll is a single question with multiple options.

  • Do you think global warming is a short term threat or a long term threat?
    • Short term threat
    • Long term threat
    • Both short and long term threats
    • Neither – not a threat to mankind
    • Not sure

A Topic is an open debate where users share their opinion to create an open discussion.

Topics are generally made by asking a question in the subject line and then adding a few more words of explanation or follow up questions in the “your own opinion” section.

  • Your question: Are social media sites bringing people closer together, or are they poor substitutes for real life relationships?
  • Your opinion: I think social media sites bring people closer together if it’s also accompanied by social outings and real contact. What do you think?

Battle allows you to compare 2 items so the community can help you chose. Compare 2 images or videos and find out with one the community  prefers.

  • DVDs or online streaming?

Create a Thumb it, if you want to know how the community feels about a specific item or subject, simply add an image or a video and see what they say.

  • Smoothie based diets?

Don’t forget to add images and videos to your content to make them more appealing.

To add an image or a video simply click the camera icon, or video camera iconcamera iconand upload your own photos, or use our search tool. Click here for a complete tutorial on how to add images/videos.

*Quick Tip* Content that include a photo or video tend to be more interesting to members than ones that do not include this feature. In fact, our Toluna Team members may even send you some bonus points.

Adding a category

Toluna requires that you choose a category for your content. Scroll over the icons to see what each icon represents. If you are not sure where to categorize your content, you can always click the globe representing “other.”

Where can I find the content I created?

Once your topic, poll, thumb it or battle is launched, you can keep an eye on the results by going to your profile page, or by going to your “Content page” in the dropdown menu under your profile picture.

My Content

Thanks for reading a bit about Toluna, and we look forward to bringing you more information in the future.

You have more questions you would like to know the answers to? Feel free to leave them here.


The Toluna Team