Toluna #Challenge Winners- Week 9

Were you quick enough to vote on the Toluna #Challenge sponsored polls this week?

As a reminder, learn about this contest at our blog! (

Here are the correct answers to this week’s sponsored polls:

Question 1: To whom can you send Gifties?
Answer: You can send Gifties to yourself, to your followers on Toluna and even non- Toluna friends via email given that they are in the same country in which you are registered.

Question 2: What are Toluna Gifties?
Answer: Gifties is Toluna’s exclusive instant win game, where you can redeem a small number of points for the chance to win big.

These members answered both polls correctly and will earn 2000 bonus points within 7 days!



Stay tuned next week for the Toluna #Challenge and chance to earn up to 2030 bonus point!

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