Challenge B: Is Philippines the most influential? – Philippines Does It Better Competition


Participatory design, or Co-Design for short, is a design approach that englobes all those involved, from creator to consumer. The idea is that, by involving all parties, the final product will prioritize the consumer’s expectations.
This is why Toluna is dedicated to connecting you, the consumer, with brands. We want to help you in making your voice heard!

To influence your world, and to prove that Philippines is the most influential country, complete our new challenge: Start 2 surveys this week.

Copy of Mexico Does It Better (2)

To participate, follow these simple steps:
♣ Start any 2 surveys from the Survey Center or email by 25th March at 23h59
♣ Don’t tell anyone what the surveys are about, remember they are private!

Remember: By joining the Philippines Does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and a chance to win up to 50,000 Toluna points if Philippines will be included in the top 3 countries at the end!

Goodluck! Prove that Philippines Does It Better!

Influence Your World
Toluna Team PH

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