Toluna Millionaire Winners Announcement

blog-banner1Hello Toluna Influencers,

We are increasing the number of members who are becoming Toluna Millionaire!

Here is the latest update of winners of Daily Toluna Millionaire.

June 5 2018 – etnev (France)
June 6 2018 – yalexandra (Colombia)
June 7 2018 – luisa.68 (Italy)
June 8 2018 – gungun_genus (Thailand)
June 9 2018 – blackpearl135 (Australia)
June 10 2018 – Hessenbub (Germany)
June 11 2018 – Edytth (Mexico)
June 12 2018 – nokwai2000 (Hong Kong)

Congratulations to our lucky winners who were chosen and drawn globally,

Please note that you can regularly (daily) check and see the winners here Updates will be made everyday.


To join check our blog for mechanics and further information.

Join now and get a chance to be a Toluna Millionaire!

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