Valentines Day Contest Part 1 (Feb 1-13)


Hi Toluna Influencers

It’s the month of love!
Here in Toluna, we believe that in order to love others be it family, spouse or friends, we must love ourselves first 🙂

Therefore, part 1 of the Valentines Day contest is about loving you! How to participate?
1. To qualify, you must answer at least 1 survey in February 2019
2. Answer the 2 questions in here (hitting random keys on the keyboard will not be counted)
3. We will choose 40 winners from part 1, each will get 1,000 points
4. Part 1 runs from February 1-13 2019
5. This is the first part of the 3 parts of the Valentines Day contest. We will post 2 parts here in Toluna and 1 more will be announced in our Magazine February edition, so stay tuned!
6. Now the exciting part: for those who participate in all three parts of this contest, we will choose 3 people who completed the most surveys in February – and give 5,000 points for each

All winners will be announced next month, before March 15, 2019

Let’s spread the love!

Keep Influencing Your World

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