New Games Feature + March Contest!

PH Ninja Big

Hello Toluna Influencers

Surprise! We just launched games page on Philippines community where you can earn additional Toluna points 😀

How to access games? There are 2 ways:
1. Click on “Community” tab -> “Games
2. Copy this link to your browser

To add cherry on the top, here are details for March contest 😉
1. 20 winners with the highest score will be awarded 5,000 points each
2. To be qualified, user must complete at least 2 surveys in March 2019
3. Each user can play once a day, only the highest score will be taken in the end
4. This contest will end on March 31, 2019 (11:59 PM)
5. If there are more than 20 users with same highscores, winners will be chosen based on number of completed surveys in March. All winners will be announced in April (before the 20th).

Is that all? Nope! As we are curious to find out how you are enjoying the game so far, if you post a screenshot of your first score of the game, we will give you 100 points!
1. Choose Topic and put this as the title “Here is my first score for Toluna Food Ninja”
2. Share your feedback and thought on the games
3. Choose “others” (the globe) as category

Hope you are as excited as we are! Any thought let us know in Toluna! Have fun 😀

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