April Contest: Guess the Emojis

Hi Toluna Influencers

In the spirit of Easter that is coming soon, we are going to release sets of emojis where you have to guess the meaning! (Clue: these emojis below will form a sentence that is related to Easter 😉 )

Part 4 (23rd-30th April): https://ph.toluna.com/opinions/4623564/April-Contest-Guess-the-Emojis-4-4

Part 3 (15st-22nd April): https://ph.toluna.com/opinions/4610413/April-Contest-Guess-the-Emojis-3-4

Part 2 (8th-14th April): https://ph.toluna.com/opinions/4598112/April-Contest-Guess-the-Emojis-2-4

Part 1 (1st-7th April): https://ph.toluna.com/opinions/4582546/April-Contest-Guess-the-Emojis-1-4

PH April Contest

Terms and conditions below:
1. You must complete at least 2 surveys in April 2019
2. In total, there are 4 sets of emojis (we will release them every week), for each set we will choose 25 winners (So there are total of 4×25 = 100 winners)
3. Guess the meaning of the emojis in the comment section! For those who answer correctly, you will get a chance to win 1,000 points. If there are more than 25 users who guess it correctly, we will choose the winners randomly.
4. All winners will be announced before 20th May 2019

In addition to this, we have also launched new games called “Easter Egg Catcher”! Go check it out at: https://ph.toluna.com/games

Have fun! ^^

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