October/ Halloween Contest

We have officially entered the spooky season!

Come check out our latest game and win 3,000 points, you can play this game until 31st October 2019.

  1. There are 2 rounds of this game: 2nd-6th Oct & 17th – 31st Oct (words will be shuffled when new round starts)
  2. If you manage to find all the hidden words before times up, you will get 3,000 points
  3. In order to qualify, you have to complete at least 1 survey in the mentioned period
  4. You can only get points once for each round

Don’t forget to join our horror story competition too!

Terms and conditions as follow:

1. Make a topic and tell us the scariest stories you have! Don’t have any scary story? Well you can also let us know which horror movie you like the most!
2. Please keep the length of the post between 150-400 words
3. To ensure we can find your post, please copy & paste the link of your post in the comment section AND include “2019 Horror Story Competition” in the title
4. We will choose top 5 spookiest stories and featured up to 3 in this month’s magazine
5. You may make multiple entries, deadline of subsmission is 14th October 2019 9 am GMT+8
6. Entry has to be original, any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited
7. Toluna team reserves the right to edit and publish the contents submitted

ID & PH Post (23)

Winners of Horry Story Competition are featured in our October Magazine! http://e-mag.toluna.com/books/mzcq/

Have a Spooktacular month!


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