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June Activity: Song of my Life Winners Announcement

We would like to thank all of you who participated in our June Activity: Song of my Life

All participants who follow the contest rules already earned 1,000 points each a few days ago.

And now, we are proud to announce the winners of our June Activity: Song of my Life

Among 108 entries, Here are the entries that stood up!

orchard08 (5,000 points)
thistleblue0516 (3,000 points)
RubyBessa (2,000 points)


Congratulations to our winners!

These 3 winners will receive the bonus points credited to their accounts within seven business days!


Keep posted for more games and activities for a chance to earn extra points!

CCM- June 2017 Content Creators of the Month PH

Hello Members,

We want to extend our gratitude for posting great contents on our site, Interacting freely with members, sharing your opinions and respecting other’s ideas!

Please find the top 10 Content Creators for the Month of June:

1. femitch44
2. zipphanne
4. Ejy
5. marz214_tln
6. rcarpio.0529
7. teeehjay
8. engr_jmdelacruz
9. Mvdensing
10. aijileen

Congratulations to all of you!


◘ Reminder- If the same user manages to stay on the list for:
• 3 months in row – He/She will earn an extra 5,000 points
• 5 months in a row – He/She will earn an extra 10,000 points

We have some users that have managed to stay on the list for five months and therefore wins 10,000 points:


We have some users that have managed to stay on the list for three months and therefore wins 5,000 points:


Keep up the good work for more points! These members will receive their points credited to their account within seven days.

To know more about this program please check out the rules here: https://phblog.toluna.com/2017/01/19/

See you soon on the site for more content bonuses.

The Toluna Team

Toluna Monthly Game: Join and get a chance to win up to 5,000 points!

Join and get a chance to win up to 5,000 points with our contest “Toluna – Song of my Life”

Let us know which song would best describe or represents your life and tell us why!

song of my life

Here are the Mechanics:

1. Post any photo with the song title that best describes or represents you or you life as a topic on your Toluna account with Title “Toluna – Song of my Life”. Please note that you have to put an explanation, why and what makes you think that the song you’ve chosen best describes you or your life.

*The ideal image size for displaying on the website is 640 pix (width) x 526 pix (height). Please make sure to resize or crop your photo before posting for a better result. *

2. Comment the link of your entry here . ( If you didn’t comment the link of your entry you will not be eligible to receive the initial points)

3. You can post your entry topic on our website until Friday, 30th of June 2017 (23:00 HR).

4. All participants who will follow the game rules will get an initial bonus of 1,000 points. But one who can impress us the most and have the most popular posts with their topic will win big at 5,000, and 2 runners-up will receive 3,000 and 2,000 points respectively.

We look forward to seeing your entries and best of luck to all participants.